What’s a danesch?

That’s me, actually. My name is Daniel Esch, and this is my personal site.

Who the hell are you?

As I said, I’m Daniel Esch, and I live in San Jose, California, the Capital of Silicon Valley and the Crotch of the Bay Area. After spending four years working in record stores, four years in bike shops, and four years at advertising agencies, I’m four years into college as a photojournalism major.

Are you the Dan Esch I knew in Michigan/New Jersey/Germany/the AIDS Ride?


Can I call you Dan?

If that’s how you know me already, then sure; I don’t want you to worry about it. But nearly everyone I’ve met in the last four years knows me as Daniel, which is great, because that’s my name.

So how come this site isn’t danielesch.com?

Besides being unattractive from a typographical standpoint, it just isn’t as clear. Dani Elesch? Danie Lesch? No thanks. danesch.com is nice and symmetrical, with the appearance of bookends around it.

What’s up with the site?

It started in 2001 as a way to show snapshots to faraway people. It’s cheap and easy to set something like this up, so I went for it. Besides, I’m too much of a control freak to post my pictures through some free online thing.

Over the ensuing years, the site grew to include my videos, newspaper articles, and photographs from college courses and travels. The front page evolved from a simple menu into a blog, which at different times has featured art photography, a travel diary and, most recently, the fruits of my labor at the college newspaper. I wish I could say this is a photojournalism blog, or an SJSU student blog, but it’s really not anything so specific. It’s more like a mass email to anyone who cares, with lots of picture attachments.

I’ve spent a lot of time building and revising the back end of the site. I really enjoy fussing around with the features, writing lean code, and making the design as good as I can. Doing this across platforms and browsers is always a challenge, so if something looks less than perfect, please let me know.

Why can’t I leave a comment?

My comments system got hosed by spammers, and it’s not at the top of my list of things to fix on this site. There’s a viable alternative, which is to comment on a photo or gallery by clicking on it.

Can I purchase a print?

But of course. Some are available for purchase right now at photos.danesch.com. It takes some time to prepare an image for printing, so not everything is available for purchase yet. If you don’t see what you want, email me at (daniel at this website), and let me know. I’ll do my best to make prints available quickly.

How much will it cost?

These aren’t handmade fine art prints, so they don’t cost a bundle. They are, however, very high-quality, long-lasting prints on real photo paper, and my print supplier isn’t exactly giving them away.

With the rationale that my time and effort are worth at least as much as the cost of making the print, I’ve marked up most items about 100% — that is, I keep about 50% of the listed price.

No, really, how much will it cost?

Prices are the same for each image and are based on size and paper finish. The availability of sizes is determined by the shape and size of the photo. Full-frame shots are offered only in full-frame sizes (if you want an 8x10 of one of these, get a paper cutter), and the limited resolution of some originals may not allow for truly giant prints.

I swear to God, man, if you don’t start giving me a straight answer…

Here are the prices.