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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Mo’ polo

Today I covered a water polo tournament at Stanford, about a half hour away. The SJSU game began at 8:30 this morning, while a heavy fog hung over the steam rising from the pool. It finished around 10, so I went home and ended up getting a couple hours of much-needed sleep. Then it was back to Stanford for a 2:30 match. As soon as that was done, I had to head straight for the Daily to have the photos edited, write the captions, get those copyedited, and put everything on the paper’s servers. I made it home by 8.

Am I complaining? Not at all; I know it’s more of a job than a class, and jobs tend to involve lots of time and effort. I intend only to clarify things for those who find them unclear: This is a very time-consuming course.

At the end of the day, I had two photos for tomorrow’s story and two for file art. Of those, I like one from the first game, even though it’s flawed (the Stanford player and the ball shouldn’t be cut off like that). The facial expressions, the jazz hands, the magic-show fog… you can’t stage stuff like this.

SJSU vs. Stanford

Here’s what’s running in the paper:

SJSU vs. Stanford

Spartans defender Katie Morgan, left, reacts after failing to block a shot by Cardinal driver Katie Hansen, center, during the 2006 Stanford Invitational Sunday. Spartans goalkeeper Kendra Adama, right, made the save.

SJSU vs. Hawai'i

San Jose State University defender Brianna Lindsey, left, prepares to set up a play as University of Hawai’i 2-meter player Sabrina Cook attempts a block at the 2006 Stanford Invitational Sunday.