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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


In agave da vida, honey

This strong, brave blue agave plant began as a shoot from our neighbor’s place in San Francisco. It had grown under a fence and through a rock wall with its point facing east instead of up. I put it in a pot for a while, and while it got pretty big, it didn’t really flourish like an agave should.

A couple years later, with great difficulty, I hauled the agave down to Aptos and put its ten feet of potbound roots in the ground. It doesn’t get as much sun as it would like in that spot, but it’s still growing into a big, fearsome plant. It’s also spawned about eight new plants.

The other day, I saw a shaft of light illuminating the slow process of a new leaf unfolding. These things are like the tortoises of the plant world — it’ll be another couple weeks before the leaf opens fully.

Monday, June 28, 2004


View the dew

The June gloom is here in full force, meaning no sun today as the inland valleys bake and the coast gets blanketed in fog.

On the plus side, the morning dew didn’t disappear so fast today, so I saw some pretty scenes. Dew had accumulated on the spider webs in my garden, and it just seemed to levitate above the plants. The scene was so good, I came back with the SLR, but it’ll be a few days before I get those pictures back.

le dew
Thursday, June 24, 2004

Neither here nor there

Ancient, annoying jingle of the day

Not sure what I owe this to, but I woke up this morning with a 20-year-old jingle from a New York mattress dealer in my head.

Have more fun in bed!
Have more fun in bed!
Buy your bed at Kleinsleep,
and have more fun in bed.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Site news

Stupid MSIE!

I thought I had ironed out the problem with this page losing its two-column format when viewed on a PC. From what I’m told, though, it’s only a problem if you’re using Explorer. Since that describes about 99 percent of you, I’m still trying to figure out a fix. In the meantime, sorry for all the scrolling.

Saturday, June 19, 2004


This fish is starting to stink

Got the new Phish record the other day, and while this is a preliminary assessment, I don’t think this review is too far off the mark:

If my band had just released this CD, I’d probably want to break up, too.


That heavenly coffee

For three years now, I’ve been complimenting Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee for retaining the World Trade Center as part of the skyline pictured on their cans. Hats off to them for not jumping to change their decades-old design for fear of offending someone. After all, they didn’t destroy the towers, and the can design is a classic.

Well, everything has to come to an end, I suppose. I just now read that the cans are changing. Sigh.

Site news

A sense of history

While I’m reluctant to characterize this front page as a blog, I guess that’s what most people would call a personal web page with frequent pointless posts.

With that in mind, I’ve finally set up an old blog standby: the archive. At the very bottom of the left-hand column, you’ll find links to all my old posts, a month or a year at a time. I’ve tried to preserve all the old links and media I posted, but if something doesn’t work anymore, well, that’s the web for you.

You’ll also notice that every post now has a “permanent link” in it. Just as the name implies, that link won’t change even after the post scrolls off the bottom of the page. If you want to bookmark an entry or link to it on your site, that’s what you should use.